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Hey there I’m Jay, I'm 6'1, 180 pounds and very athletic. I'm a French Canadian born in Montreal.

People often say I’m really good during a Show and that I put a lot of heart in it.

I pride myself to make people have a great time and when I’ll meet you, you will be extremely satisfied and always ask for more, I promise.

Sex is great, but what distinguishes me is my attitude at all time, whatever is your request or if there is some particularity with you, you’ll find yourself very comfortable as I usually make people feel very at ease.

Your Friend Jay

Hey friend, by now I hope you're as horny and interested as I am because I'd love to have some hot and fun time with you on webcam. 

I promise you it'll be the best webcam show of your life!... Well until we meet a second time at least.

Take care sexy man,


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